Today, I started to read some more into related projects we have found in the days before to understand the projects more and to maybe find something related as well.

Goatse as Industrial Sabotage

Therefore, I started with the essay “Goatse as Industrial Sabotage” written by the Deterritorial Support Group. The essay elaborates the “bait and switch” prank with the “Goatse” meme which emerged in the late 1990 as a disrupting political action and we discovered in the copy of the book “Can Jokes Bring down Governments?” by Metahaven. Originally, people were fooled with a promising bait link which then was redirected to a “disturbing site of a middle-aged man using both hands to pull apart his dilated rectum remarkably wide, revealing to the poor victim the depths of the man’s guts.” The meme was transformed into an inside-joke in graphic design work which was only visible for people that are able to trace it back to the original meaning. This can be seen as a form of protest at work were people trick a way to fool their bosses at work.

Failed Preperation

We tried to get a room just for us as a group where we can work without being interrupted. Unfortunately, ZHdK is not able to provide us one of its many rooms.


I collected readings we had in our theory classes to create our own Syllabus combined with papers we found during our research.


Since we are not really experts in the field of politics, we wanted to connect to people that are knee-deep into politics everyday. We selected people and organization were we think to get valuable inputs, prepared specific question, and contacted them via e-mail.

Plan the Next Day

We then started to roughly plan the following day.