It took me some time to write about this. Since we had a lesson in our design methodology class about experience design and the invention of the Kodak camera, the shift from a product to a service I’ve been thinking how I could write a blog post based on some research. But then I decided to write a short post about my personal opinion.

Of course being dependent is not always a bad thing. Instead of growing our own vegetables in the garden and hunt for food, by being dependent on farmers we can focus on other stuff. Stuff that could fulfill us or at least the life of somebody else a bit more. There are many other examples but I want to keep it short. Being dependent could make our live simpler.

But there are also downsides. Today we have services and subscriptions for everything. Things we bought before (i.e. music), we now just have a subscription for. This is very handy in one hand, but in my opinion, it leads us to more dependence.

In my class, I’m well known for being against Adobe products. Especially the subscription model. They are not so bad in general. It’s more about how they do it. You’ll never own the product. The day you will stop paying for it all your work you’ve done before won’t be possible to open, till you pay for it. And because the data files of Adobe are closed you will need to continue with these products.

As designers, it would be a better idea to develop open products. So people can decide if your products fit their needs or not. And no strange lock in systems.