This week we had a nice presentation of Manuel. He mentioned the project Adopt a Hydrant. The project should encourage people to adopt a hydrant and take care of it. This was started because snowplows in America often covered them so firemen were not able to use them in an emergency.

This project was highly successful and it almost didn’t cost any money to make. So it was also adopted to other things such as Adopt a Siren. Similar to the previous people took responsibility of a siren (warnings for tsunamis) to take care of it and check the batteries. If you are responsible for it, you can give it a name.

I really, really like this idea. In everyday life, we often encounter situations where nobody feels responsible, although we all would benefit from it if we would do. Just somebody else could do it but not me… The great thing about this idea is, that people can feel responsible in a very playful way. You don’t blame people for not taking responsibility. People can just do it for themselves and be proud of their little hydrant or siren.