Thoughts about Speculative Design

Speculative Design is a method of creating stories of design based on a real or invented facts. It can help a designer to predict a certain future scenario, to understand the development or what else could happen with a product.


By building scenarios on future technologies we should rely on the real data. We also can rely on the story of similar products. The aim of the future scenario could be to validate your ideas, to provoke or communicate why your design needs a lot of thought.


We can learn a lot of designers from the past. Sometimes the reason why a product looks or is used in some certain way is not always built on the usage of the product. Often times there are cultural or historical reasons behind. So analyzing is a very good tool for that. But you also can criticize contemporary design in order to break it down the very beginning.


In speculative design, the borders of design and art are very blurry. If we want do be innovative as designers we should be really careful with our decisions. That’s why in my opinion, a future scenario is very important. In the other hand, we can not only shape culture by creating products, we also can criticize in a way that art can. But with the power of design.