Reflection / How did I change in two years

In the theory module “Sweet Dreams are Made of This” in the Interaction Design course, we had the assignment to reflect on the last two years on our life. We had a few minutes in class to think about this and I will write it down a bit more in detail.

Gaining Independence

The main thing that changed a lot is that in the last years I made big progress in being more independent. I actually rather name it as taking on responsibility because that’s what I really do now. I moved out for the first time which changed a lot in my perspective. It’s now fully on me to get something done and that also affects me in my study life.

Learning Things

First of all, I learned most of things from my work experience by teaching it myself. So, it’s not quite new for me to know how to learn things. But now I think I have more patience, more endurance to fail many times until I learn something. I’m much more comfortable with not being good at something which removes the initial fear of learning something in the beginning while being very bad.

This helped me to gain a lot of programing skills but also a big variety of tools, digitally but also offline I learned. Nevertheless, I lost a little the visual part I was strong at because I’m not practicing it a lot during my work in school. But I’m not that worried, that’s a skill I can relearn since I learned it in the first place. Mainly it’s also just the speed which decreased or the number of trials that increased until I come to a good result.

Communicating is also a big part. To not offend people while still being direct with a bold, constructive feedback is something I learned. Is it co-workers or clients.

See Design as Part of a System

This started right at the first theory lesson in my study in Interaction Design. But the course that probably had the most influence was the one of Björn Franke we had. It enabled me to see different aspects of design as part of society. How it shapes it and especially how it was shaped by society. It’s hard to explain but the main thing is, that I gained this perspective which I can apply in my everyday life now and that’s a very valuable lesson.

Being alone

I moved out and I split up with some people. Sometimes on purpose sometimes unintentionally. Without my family around, I did not have a natural bubble of people around me, I was alone. Also some friends I spend a lot of time finished their exchange in Zurich and went back to their home places. And this was new to me. I learned to be more alone but also to take on responsibility to not take relationships as granted but to see it as something to work on and keep alive.

How Did I Contribute

Frontend Skills

It’s a small thing but with my little frontend skills, I often help people in our class with their coding. And I hope I inspire them to like what they do.

Giving a Different Perspective

This applies a lot in our courses where I like to give feedback and work together with other people in groups. I hope I can help there.

But also in my personal life I tried to give people different perspectives in their life, especially if they struggle with sometimes. I learned that I don’t want to and shouldn’t give advices on what people should do. That’s something they should decide on their own. But I maybe can provoke some thoughts in their mind from a different view and still giving them the chance to decide. This way I influence people but not manipulate them.